raw manx nutrition to thrive not just survive

Dogs are our best friends, Let's Start Being theirs




Photo: April Wade

why feed raw, fresh, local food to your dog?

Manx Canine’s raw dog food will create lasting health benefits for your puppy or adult dog.

Within weeks or even days you'll notice:

                                                                                                                      · Cleaner teeth and better smelling breath

                                                                                                                      · Healthier skin

                                                                                                                      · Smaller stools

                                                                                                                      · Balanced energy levels

                                                                                                                      · Improved digestion

                                                                                                                      · Shiny silky soft coat

                                                                                                                      · Better immunity and health

                                                                                                                      · Less allergies

                                                                                                                      · Less itching and licking

                                                                                                                      · Less health issues

                                                                                                                      · Easier weight management



All they need; from puppy to old age;

Optimised for every stage of your dog’s life, Manx Canine’s raw dog food

is the best dog food for puppies or older dogs:

· Raw food for puppies, adult, senior and pregnant dogs

· 100% complete for health & tackling health issues such as allergies & obesity.

· Nutritionally balanced by nature and supported by experts

· Highest quality, raw materials, ethically sourced and best of all Manx

· Chunkier bites of meat and higher bone content for puppies and growing dogs

· Chunks of meat and veggies for more chewing that helps clean teeth

· Frozen for ease of storing in bulk at home



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