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Photo: April Wade

Dogs are our best friends, Let's Start Being theirs

Diatomateous Earth

Natures most friendly and effective pest control for our dogs and cats, even our soft furnishings and carpets.

Edible Pure Food Grade, feed in your pets food or sprinkle on their fur, starting from the tail working upwards, taking great care to avoid their eyes, nose and mouth, full instructions and doseage on the product.

Follow instructions, great for :

Fleas, mites, ticks, bedbugs, worms and worm eggs, internal parasites, as a digestive aid and detoxifier, food supplement, contains natural minerals and nutrients, deodorizer for stinky dogs and cats, kills paracites in soft furnishings, pet beds and bedding, carpets and rugs.


Supplement - Diatomateous Earth
GBP £ 7.99

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